Rising summer temperatures result in growing use of your home air conditioning unit. Some energy saving tips from your local Arlington TX air conditioning service experts can help you save money and keep your system running efficiently.

The strain on air conditioning units during the warmer months can be eased by using ceiling or oscillating fans. Fans are more energy efficient than a large AC unit and moving the air around will help to cool the room you are in.

Pulling curtains or shades on east and west windows in your home can help keep heat out. Also, running the dishwasher or oven at night when it is cooler outside will help balance the cooling requirements of your air conditioning unit.

Checking and cleaning the AC coils on your indoor and outdoor unit will help possible efficiency issues as well as checking the refrigerant charge. For jobs like this, the professionals at your Arlington TX HVAC company are ready to serve.

Keeping the doors and windows closed tight and as much as possible during the day will ease the work of your AC unit. Energy efficient choices like these can help alleviate high energy bills.

The professionals at Metro Energy Savers, your Arlington air conditioning company, are here to help you with all your residential AC unit needs. Give us a call or find us online to schedule an air conditioning inspection today.