trying to keep cool in summerTriple-digit heat will return to the Dallas / Fort Worth area before you know it, so now is the time to start thinking of ways to keep your home cool this summer. In this article, you learn a few simple hacks that can help you do so without breaking a sweat or busting your budget.

But before we list the tips, we must mention that if you’ve not prepped your AC for the hot weather ahead, now is the time to schedule an annual AC tune up.

After sitting idle for months, collecting leaves, dust, and debris, a bit of maintenance is needed to get the AC running effectively. If you don’t do this before summer arrives, you may find yourself with an inefficient AC system and high energy bills. To make it worse, HVAC pros become very busy during the summer months. So you could wind up spending a lot more on AC repair services than you would have spent to prevent the problems from occurring in the first place.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

Once you have the AC in top condition, follow these simple tips to further lower your energy bills and keep indoor air cool and fresh.

  • Keep your blinds closed

As simple as this tip may seem, keeping curtains and blinds closed during the heat of the day can result in up to a 30 percent decrease in heat that enters the home via windows. Utilizing curtains and shades can lower indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees, saving you at least 7 percent on monthly energy bills.

  • Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter clockwise

Ceiling fans should be adjusted every season. In the summer, adjust them to rotate in an anticlockwise fashion, and at a higher speed, to create a wind-chill breeze that will leave you and your guests feeling cooler.  During the cooler months, you should adjust ceiling fans to rotate clockwise.

  • Make yourself even cooler

Be smart about your choice of clothing, sip iced drinks more frequently, and swap out heavy sheets and pillow cases for bedding made of lightweight materials. Instead of flannel sheets and fleece blankets, go for cotton sheets that “breathe.”

  • Turn on bathroom and kitchen fans

Exhaust fans located in your kitchen and bathrooms are great at removing heat and humidity that builds up in your home while cooking or taking a hot shower.

  • Take advantage of cooler nights

During the late spring and early summer, daytime temperatures can be oppressively hot here in the DFW area.  But nighttime temperatures are often quite mild through late May, or in some cases even early June.  Instead of relying on your AC around the clock, there may be times when you’re able to open your windows at night, and then close them first thing in the morning before the temperature starts to rise.  Just keep in mind that temperature is just one factor that affects your comfort.  Regardless of the outdoor temperature, if nighttime humidity is forecast to be high, you’re probably better off running your AC.

Check out our other blog articles for more tips on ways to keep your home cool this summer.  And if you haven’t already had an annual AC tune up, call us today to schedule one!  Click the link for more information about our AC tune up services in Fort Worth and the surrounding communities.