Metro Energy Savers Fort Worth HVAC repair technicians can evaluate your needs for any home cooling system to determine if your home needs new thermostats, as well as assessing any thermostat repair requirements.

A thermostat is a device that regulates the temperature of a heating and air conditioning system so the environment stays at a desired temperature. The thermostat controls the flow of energy into or out from the system, determining the comfort of your home or office so you and your family or coworkers can relax in your home or do your work. The thermostat switches heating or cooling devices on or off as needed to keep a constant temperature with minimal variations.

Unfortunately, with today’s heating and cooling needs, combined with the desire for greater energy conservation, many older styles of thermostats do not provide the level of desired control. Some homes don’t even have a digital thermostat yet. Older thermostats are more prone to break down or vary in actual degrees. Most commonly, new thermostats are programmable, allowing for homeowners to maintain presets for different times of day and different days of the week to use less energy. With a programmable thermostat, heating and cooling costs can drop immensely per year by setting the thermostat to a lower setting when the home is not occupied.

The thermostat should be located away from cooling and heating vents and devices, while remaining exposed to general airflow from the room or rooms you wish to cool. An open hallway would be the best location for a single-zone thermostat that includes the living room and bedroom. If the hallway can be closed off by doors from the regulated spaces, it is important to keep the doors open when the unit is in use.

If the thermostat is too close to the source of controlled air, the system tends to cycle frequentl. These numerous starts and stops can shorten the life of your HVAC equipment. A multiple zone system saves a considerable amount of energy, regulating individual spaces and allowing unused rooms to vary in temperature by turning off the heating or cooling to that particular space. You can discuss the possibility of multi-zone thermostat systems with one of our Fort Worth Metro Energy Savers’ informed technicians to determine the cost and the savings involved in the installation.

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