Too Hot?  Too Cold? A Zone System May be the Answer

If your home is like most, it has rooms or entire areas that are nearly impossible to heat or cool.

Multilevel homes are especially challenging.  The heat rising from downstairs tends to make upstairs rooms warm and cozy in the winter, and unbearably hot during the summer months.

Architectural features like large windows, lofts and vaulted ceilings make it even more difficult to maintain even temperatures throughout the home.

So you find yourself constantly adjusting the thermostat, or even adjusting the vents in an attempt to find the perfect balance. Unfortunately, you may actually be making the problem worse, and wasting energy and money in the process.

If these problems sound all-too familiar, zoning is the solution.

What are Zoning Systems?

Zoning allows you to heat and cool multiple areas of your home independently. Zoning systems work with your existing heating and air conditioning system and include a control panel that opens or closes dampers to increase or reduce the amount of conditioned air to each area according to how the system is programmed.  A properly programmed zone system can pay for itself in reduced energy costs in as little as two to five years.

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