There are many benefits to having your heating system tuned up by a reliable heating repair company to get it ready for
winter. First, a furnace that is properly tuned will run at peak efficiency to
help keep your utility bills as low as possible throughout the heating season.

Secondly, when a professional HVAC technician gives your heating system a thorough check, minor problems can be identified and fixed before they become major problems that leave you without heat. This affordable preventative maintenance might help you avoid expensive repairs too.

Finally, and most importantly, a tuned up system that has been thoroughly checked will reduce the risk of dangerous gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

When you have your heating system tuned up for winter, there is a long checklist of maintenance tasks that will be done. It starts with a check of the pilot and assembly including the igniter. This guarantees reliable starting. The condition of the heat exchanger will be carefully examined since cracked heat exchangers are a primary cause of carbon monoxide leaks. The air mixture and the gas valve will be set and adjusted as needed to ensure that the flame burns as efficiently as possible. Dirty air filters will
rob a heating system of efficiency, so they’ll be checked too.

The service on your heating system will include an examination of all electrical components and connections to make sure that they are in proper working order. The blower control, blower and components will be tested and tuned to optimize performance and keep operating noise to a minimum. Any moving parts will be lubricated to reduce wear and noise.

If your furnace has a belt, it will be checked and adjusted. If it is worn, a recommendation may be made to replace it so that it doesn’t break when you need your furnace the most. To make sure the heating system is operating safely, all safety controls, the flue and the vent pipe will be carefully checked for problems such as leaks or blockages.

A tune up of your heating system will pay for itself by reducing your energy costs and helping you avoid expensive repairs this heating season. It will also help to keep you and your family comfortable and safe all winter long.

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