Most folks know they need AC repair when they turn the thermostat down and don’t get any cold air. A non-functioning AC system is as sure a sign as any to give Metro Energy Savers a call for AC repair, so that we can send a factory-trained technician to inspect your air conditioner and solve the problem. However, it’s possible for your air conditioner to still be functioning, but need repairs. Here are some signs that your AC system needs to have a technician look it over:


High energy bills might be a sign you need AC repair.

High energy bills might be a sign you need AC repair.

High electricity bills

If you’ve lived in your home for a summer before, chances are that you know what the average electricity bill looks like. It’s high, yes, but not unbelievable. Yet, if you start to see your costs skyrocket heading into this summer without a significant change in use, it might be a sign that something isn’t quite right with the air conditioner.

If you haven’t had an AC tune-up in a while, dust and grime can build up inside of your system, covering the coils and beginning to obstruct the ducts leading into your home. This can lead to your AC working harder for less cooling output. As you turn down the thermostat, it struggles to keep up. Alternatively, there may be an air leak in the system that is letting cold air escape outside.

Give Metro Energy Savers a call. Our technicians can look at your air conditioner, clean the coils and ducts, and inspect for air leaks.

Strange sounds and smells

Along with knowing generally how much your energy use costs during the summer, you probably have also become accustomed to the sounds created by your air conditioner while starting up and running. If those sounds change drastically, you need to call a technician and have them look at your system.

A metallic scraping or grinding sound might indicate that a part has come loose and is now interfering with the operation of the machine’s fan. Or, it might be a sign that the AC is struggling to start. Either way, call Metro Energy Savers and have us take a look at things.

This same principle applies to strange odors coming from your AC unit. A burning smell is never a good sign, and might indicate that the insulation on wiring has worn through. In contrast, a musty smell could be mold growing inside your air conditioner. You’ll need to schedule AC repair to have your system inspected in either case.

Liquid is present

shutterstock_71582536Generally speaking, your air conditioner shouldn’t be releasing liquid through the vents in your home. This might be caused by a duct that runs alongside a water pipe that is either leaking or creating condensation, but it could also signal a coolant leak. Air conditioning coolant is a dangerous substance, so call Metro Energy Savers if you notice that there’s a leak.

Your AC unit itself is built to handle a bit of water from rain and condensation—after all, it’s outside—and usually drains the liquid effectively. However, something blocking the drain or otherwise preventing the liquid from dispersing could cause problems. If you notice this is happening, call Metro Energy Savers. Our technicians will come up with a solution to have the moisture drain out.

Questions about AC repair? Give us a call.

If you have questions about your air conditioning system or something that you might think isn’t working quite right, give us a call. We’ll help you determine what’s happening so that you and your family can enjoy effective cooling all season long. Metro Energy Savers offers AC repair, maintenance, and installation services in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington areas.