It’s the middle of summer in the Dallas metro area, and your air conditioner—after more than a decade of near-constant operation—is on its deathbed. You need a new air conditioner, but your budget wasn’t ready for such a large expense. Luckily, Metro Energy Savers offers financing to customers with approved credit. In this post, we’ll review three major reasons you should consider using financing to purchase your new air conditioner.

Financing Air ConditioningYou can purchase a better-fitting system

It’s common knowledge in the HVAC industry that a bigger air conditioner isn’t always a better one. In fact, your home needs an AC system that is the best fit for the size of your house and the cooling needs of your family. Too small of a system, and there won’t be enough cooling to go around without your air conditioner working overtime and putting strain on itself. Too large of a system, and your AC system will have a difficult time maintaining temperature without near-constant starting and stopping.

However, without financing, you don’t get the best system for your house, just the best system that you can afford with the cash you have in your wallet. That’s not the same thing, and that’s why financing can be helpful in making sure that you purchase the correct air conditioner.

You can purchase an energy-efficient system

Given the high price of electricity today and the environmental impact of its production, many new systems today are built to be more energy efficient than their predecessors 20, 15, or even 10 years ago. Compared to your old air conditioner—which isn’t helped by the fact that it’s one foot in the grave—a new AC system is going to use far less energy while giving you even better cooling output.

Financing allows you to get this better efficiency, faster. If needing on-hand cash is set to prevent you from purchasing a new system for another year, consider the benefits of financing: you’ll be able to get better energy efficiency for a summer and there could be major savings at stake. To learn just how much you might save and how our Daikin systems are energy efficient, give Metro Energy Savers a call today.

You can purchase a system at the right time

Obviously, you want to get a new system when it’s hot out—especially if your old one has stopped working altogether. However, there are other benefits to being able to buy when you want to buy, as opposed to waiting until you’ve saved up the money you need. For one, both Metro Energy Savers and Daikin offer limited-time special offers on new air conditioners (and furnaces) seasonally. With financing, you can take advantage of these specials, instead of letting them pass by while you wait to save up the needed cash.

Metro Energy Savers: Your source for new Daikin systems

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