Here’s a difficult question that many homeowners face: should they repair their current air conditioner or replace it altogether with a brand-new system? The answer isn’t always as cut-and-dry as one might expect. Metro Energy Savers can help you decide what path to go down. Here’s a quick guide to choosing whether to repair or replace your air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Arlington TexasAre you in the best position to repair your AC?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when thinking about AC repair versus AC replacement:

  • How old is your current system? If your system is less than ten years old, it may not be the best time to upgrade yet. After all, most air conditioning systems—with regular love and upkeep from a certified technician—can last well past 15 years. Weigh the age of your air conditioner against a number of other factors when you’re deciding whether or not to upgrade.
  • How many repairs has your current system needed? If your system constantly needs repairs, that’s a sign that you should strongly consider an upgrade. But, if this repair is more like a one-time thing and unlikely to hurt your system long term, you may want to move forward with it.
  • What is the best cooling situation for you and your family? Granted, if you enjoy the cooling that your current air conditioning system has to offer and you think the energy bills are fair, it may more sense to have Metro Energy Savers repair your current AC unit.

Or, it is better to replace your AC system?

There may come a point where you need to replace your AC system. Here are some things to look at:

  • Are you looking for an energy efficiency boost? If you’re done with the high energy bills that are eating your monthly budget alive, it might be economical—not to mention stress-relieving—to move on to a new system. Newly manufactured air conditioner systems are more efficient than their predecessors and offer greater cooling capacity while only sipping electricity. If energy efficiency is your goal, a new system is the right choice.
  • Would your home’s value benefit from a new system? This is often the most overlooked facet of any cooling or heating upgrade. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home in the near future, a new (or, from the perspective of a few years from now, newer) AC system could really add value to your home and help you close that sale. That’s especially true here in Dallas-Fort Worth, where summer temperatures and humidity make a quality air conditioner a necessity.
  • Do you value reliability? If you’re interested in peace of mind, very few things beat a new air conditioner. It’s under warranty and you don’t have to worry as much about it breaking down. For the most part, you can just lay back, relax, and watch the energy savings begin to add up.

Ready to get air conditioner repairs or an upgrade?

Metro Energy Savers is your source for quality AC work. Whether you need your system repaired or you’re looking to have a new system installed, give us a call at (817) 438-2841 or schedule your service with us.