odors coming from heating and air conditioning systemIn addition to its core function of regulating the temperature of your home, your heating and AC system regulates the circulation of indoor air.

Without proper, regular maintenance to ensure proper circulation, you may begin to notice foul odors coming from your heating and AC system.

Although some odors are no cause for concern, others indicate the presence of substances or conditions that can be hazardous to your family’s health and safety.

Does it smell like mildew or mold?

If you notice a pungent odor coming from your heating and AC vents, you may have mold or mildew growing in the unit or ductwork. Mold and mildew release airborne spores that can lead to serious health issues, especially for young children, the elderly and those with respiratory issues.  In addition to routine tune ups, you might consider an air duct cleaning service to eliminate any mold or mildew that might be present.

Does it smell like smoke?

It’s not unusual to smell an odd odor emanating from your heating unit when you turn it on for the first time in the fall or winter. Most often, it’s caused by small amounts of dust burning away.  The odor typically goes away quickly, and typically isn’t an indication of a serious problem.  Having your system tuned up prior to the heating season can help you avoid these smells at system start-up.  If the odor persists, you should call a qualified HVAC contractor to inspect your system for possible problems.

If you notice the smell of smoke when operating your AC, it is very important that you do not ignore it. This odor is often associated with an electrical or mechanical issue within unit. If left unchecked, your system could stall and shut down completely which can cause the unit to overheat, and even catch fire.

We’ve discussed conditions that can cause your system to smell like smoke. If you see smoke coming from your HVAC system or vents you should immediately contact your local fire department or call 911 for immediate help, and evacuate the premises as soon as possible.

How’s the weather?

It’s important to consider regular maintenance when you live in areas where there is consistent dampness, or excessive, high temperatures. Living in the Fort Worth area for instance, means that the intense heat can be a contributing factor if you notice any questionable odors.

Have concerns about odors coming from your heating and AC system?  Don’t take chances with your family’s health and safety.  Call or email Metro Energy Savers today to schedule a service call.

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