Metro Energy Savers is a trusted installer of new air conditioners in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area. With summer in full swing, you may need to decide on a new system. In this post, we review some of the benefits of having the Metro Energy Savers team install a new AC system in your home this year.

New AC systemA more reliable system

It almost goes without saying, but a new AC system is far less likely to break down than one that has been constantly working every summer for 10 years or more. In addition to being built for long-lasting quality, new air conditioners lack the wear-and-tear that older ones acquire over time. If you’re sick of surprise repair costs, a new air conditioner can provide you better peace of mind for multiple seasons.

Better energy efficiency

With the higher cost of electricity, energy efficiency has become a priority in recent air conditioner manufacturing. The new systems we sell and install at Metro Energy Savers are far more efficient than their predecessors a decade ago. Without compromising performance, today’s air conditioners will give you a drastic reduction in your monthly energy bills. Those savings could add up over multiple summers.
Improved performance.

A new air conditioner isn’t just more reliable or efficient than an older one. It’s also more powerful and is better at cooling different areas of your home. Metro Energy Savers installs new air conditioning systems that balance cooling performance, efficiency, and noise reduction. The result is a system that is not only quiet and uses less electricity, but keeps your home cooler than your old system ever could.

A fresh start with a new AC system

For many homeowners who live in older homes they purchased recently, they’ve “inherited” their current air conditioning system from the previous resident. Unless the seller was extremely meticulous with their records, you have no idea what kind of maintenance history the system has.

One advantage of replacing your older AC system with a new one from Metro Energy Savers is that you get a fresh start and a clean maintenance record from the start. This means you can have our team provide your air conditioner with annual, seasonal tune-ups, and you’ll know just how well the system has been taken care of over the years.

Most new air conditioners come with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects the system, provided that you schedule the aforementioned annual tune-up. With a new AC system from Metro Energy Savers, you’ll be able to maintain this warranty on your own terms.

Metro Energy Savers sells and installs trusted brands such as Daikin and Dave Lennox, so you know you’re getting a quality product.

Why choose Metro Energy Savers?

Since 1987, Metro Energy Savers has provided the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area with superior cooling and heating services and products. We’re a trusted source for HVAC work thanks to our 24/7 emergency service, large service fleet, and friendly, NATE-certified technicians. Metro Energy Savers is licensed, bonded, and insured. We guarantee our work and value your satisfaction above all else. To learn more about us or schedule service, give us a call at (817) 572-8700.